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Other Hair Transplant

Body Hair Transplant
For common hair transplant case surgeon primarily the hair roots from the back side of the scalp is preferred .....

Beard and Moustache Hair Transplant
​Beard hair transplant is process which restores hair to beard area where hair is thin or missing…..

Eyebrow Reconstruction
Eyebrow hair transplant is uses to create truly natural look to eyebrow….

Eyelash Hair Transplant
Eyelash Hair Transplantation is used to replace lost lashes....

Women Hair Transplant
​Women hair transplant for those who suffer from permanent hair loss or female pattern baldness....

Hair Transplant procedures


FUE Hair Transplant
FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is much advance technique of hair transplant. FUE......

FUT Hair Transplant
Follicular Unit Transplant is one of the most successful technique of hair transplant....

Bio FUE Hair Transplant

Bio Stimulated FUE is  the combination of FUE and platelet rich therapy which enhances result of...... 

DHI Hair Transplant
DHI (Direct hair Implantation) is a hair transplant technique which is somewhat similar to FUE but gives drastically wonderful ....

LHT Hair Transplant
LHT (Long Hair Transplant) is process of planting long hair instead of small hair grafts....

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Hair Transplant & hair loss treatments
Hair Transplant Doctors/Surgeons in India

Welcome to HAIR TRANSPLANT DOCTORS INDIA, Hair loss is so common that it is affecting one third people across the globe. There are numerous conditions or reasons of hair loss but most common type of hair loss is Male Pattern Baldness, or other name is androgenic alopecia. There are number of solutions like medicinal treatments (i.e. Minoxidil, Finestrides etc) to non-surgical hair loss treatments(PRP i.e. Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy, Stem-Cell Therapy, Mesotherapy, Laser Treatments etc.) & surgical treatments (Hair Transplant; FUE Hair Transplant, FUT Hair Transplant, FUHT, DHI, DHT, BIO-FUE etc).  Results are varied treatment wise. Medicines and Non-surgical treatments are suitable to early stages of hair loss; but in major cases results are not permanent (specifically in hereditary cases).          

However, unlike former given solutions, Hair Transplant is most effective, natural & provides permanent lifelong results. Hair Transplant is completely safe & side-effect Free (If done by qualified Hair Transplant Doctor or Surgeon). It has maximum success & satisfaction rate in comparison to any other hair loss treatments. Nowadays, Hair Transplant surgeries in India are so easy and affordable that even a middle class earner can do it anytime. It is generally one day procedure. NO Hospitalization & NO Bed rests are required. Patient can travel back same day or next day.

                Now, Questions comes in Mind. Where to do HAIR TRANPSLANT in India? Who are qualified & experienced HAIR TRANSPLANT DOCTORS OR SURGEONS in India? Here, it comes our role in picture. We at HAIR TRANSPLANT DOCTORS INDIA . COM is equipped with team of highly experienced best hair transplant doctors or surgeons, technicians, friendly clinic staff, knowledgeable counselor & consultants in India. We make sure our patient gets top notch quality at cheapest affordable price & reasonable cost of hair transplant in India. Our prime job is providing our clients with best hair transplant doctors in India  at Cheapest & reasonable rates for FUT, FUHT, FUE Hair Transplant, BIO-FUE, BIO stimulated FUE, DHI, Direct Hair Implantation. We get special offer like Unlimited grafts or roots (FUE Hair Transplant) & many other bundled package offers for FUE Hair Transplant, BIO-FUE Hair Transplant and FUT Hair Transplant in India for our clients. 

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Hair Transplant Clinics India, We help people find best hair transplant clinics & doctors nearby their respective locations. We have listed number of clinics, location wise for all of the treatments like FUE Hair Transplant, BIO-FUE Hair Transplant, FUT Hair Transplant & many other hair fall treatments like PRP (Plasma Rich Platelets), Stemcell Therapy, Mesotherapy and and many more.

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""Firstly thanking doctor & his team for being so experienced & supportive, who are really worth respect. Moreover, guidance from Caredoctors Team from "how to proceed" to "how to maintain" is worth compliments. Happy to choose Caredocotrs!""

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Hair Loss Treatments​​

​​​PRP Therapy
Platelet rich plasma therapy is proactive and non-surgical therapeutic option for.....

Stemcell Therapy

Stem cells is one of the treatment for hair loss may be a viable and effective treatment….

Laser Therapy
Low Level Laser Therapy is most advanced hair loss treatments available Now days for both men and women….

Mesotherapy is a treatment for hair loss to regrow hair in both men and women,….

Non-Surgical Hair Treatments
With some medical hair treatment hair fall can be stop and stimulate hair growth….

Types of Male Pattern Baldness
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